Baby boy Westin

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I cannot begin to tell you how nervous I was for this shoot!  I haven't been around babies for a while now, well two and a half years to be exact since my little Jaxson was born,  and have completely forgotten how babies are! They are so tiny!  But at the same time, I was also very excited for this opportunity to capture the moments of love from him.  

This is Westin.  He is about two months old.  He did a fantastic job of letting me photograph him!  I had some wonderful helpers along the way too.   Mom and big brother were the absolute best and so helpful in creating these images with me.  I could not have done it without them!  I cannot thank them enough for allowing me to come into their home and capture these precious moments for them.   

When I first arrived big brother, Wyatt broke the ice and asked about my daughter, Ellee and if she had come with.  They had gone to 3K together and haven't seen each other in some time.  I told him she was at home watching a movie and he seemed really sad that she stayed at home and wasn't able to play with her.  But then he started to ask every question in the book about my camera!  It was really cute!  I have never had anyone ask me so many questions about my camera! I was kind of under prepared!  He of course had to show me his room and Westin's room. I immediately felt right at home and my nervousness went away!

Mom had so many cute hats for Westin to wear for the shoot.  My favorite and Mom's too, is this multi color hat.  Big Brother,  Wyatt, had actually worn this hat too when he was little, so it has even a more special  meaning behind it for the family.  Westin did great!  Only a few cries here and there, making sure Mom was still close by.  

The second hat mom wanted was a HOOT!  Who doesn't love an owl hat on a baby boy?  I don't know which image I like better, the black and white or the color one?  Thoughts?  I love black and white images.  I believe they bring so much more of a statement.  I love the color images too, don't get me wrong, but there's just something about black and white.  

By this time Westin was starting to get a little restless...a few more cries and looking for mom more.  I had to get a few more images of this beautiful baby.  I could have taken pictures of him all day!  So we grabbed big brother and got a few shots with him.  Wyatt is such a ham for the camera!  His smile is beautiful and will have the ladies lining up when he gets older :). 

These last few pictures with mom were actually pictures of her consoling Westin.  He was ready to be done posing for the camera and wanted it out of face.  Plus he was getting hungry too. I can totally relate to getting crabby when you get hungry.  When I get hungry, I need to eat at that very moment or my crabby pants come on.  No waiting, NOW!  Just like him!  We called it quits and Mom got a bottle! 
















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